I am Harry Beechinor-Collins I moved to the NY from London 5 years ago, I now live in Westchester, NY. Im 17 years old and I Direct, Shoot and Edit every video you see on the site or with my logo. I have been shooting videos for around 5 years but just started shooting music videos this January. I like shooting drill music videos and have grown a passion for the Brooklyn drill scene specifically, the amount of talented artists in such a small radius is crazy. I made this website too but now I have my guys @salsipotenttaurienne and @mateocruzzz helping me with blog posts, interviews, and BTS footage. 


Hi, I'm Julian and I am a 17 year old from Westchester, NY. I write articles, conduct interviews, capture BTS footage, and help create for Beechinour Exclusive. 


Hi, I'm Mateo. I'm 17 and I live in Westchester, NY. I shoot and edit video content for Beechinour Exclusive, and I write profiles for the website.


Hi, my name is Isaac and i’m a photographer from Maplewood NJ. I’m 16 years old and recently have been taking a lot of photos of different artists. I met Harry last summer at Camp Woodward through one of our closet friends. In June I started taking pictures again, this was around the same time Harry was starting to do music videos. Harry hit me up one day and was like “wanna come take pictures at one of my music video shoots?” I was so down to do that and it ended up working out really well which led to me going to more of Harry’s shoots to take pictures of the rappers. A lot of my photos are featured on but if you would like to see more go check out my page @shotbycenter