Bando Black: A Conversation

If you’ve been tuned in to the Brooklyn Drill scene in the last year, you’ve probably heard of Brownsville rapper Bando Black. Known to spit unique punchlines and buss an occasional 1-2 at a shoot, Bando has garnered some serious buzz and respect in the city. Last summer, after returning from doing some time, Bando put the city on notice by dropping his single “Da Real Woo,” accompanied by a video that has since amassed over one million views on YouTube. Bando hasn’t slowed down one bit since then, racking up hundreds of thousands of views on several other videos. The rapper has become a frequent collaborator with Beechinour, who has shot videos for ‘In My Bag,’ ‘Drip,’ ‘You Ready,’ and ‘Straight Jacket’ by OT9 Beno ft. Bando Black. We got the chance to ask Bando a few questions in a Beechinour Exclusive interview.

How did you start making music?

"I just always listened to it... I always listened to music, like, since I was little. My family always listened to music, so... I don't know, like it wasn't anything actually. I just tried it one time and people told me it sounded good, so I just kept doing it."

Where does your name originally come from?

"I was Tye Black, originally... and there was somebody else named Tye Black, too. [...] I decided I had to change it up, so, it wouldn't always be, like, you know, 'You heard Tye Black new song?' and people would say, 'Which one?' I didn't want that to keep happening, so I tried to come up with another name... So I came up with Bando -- Bando, meaning money and trap, because I was into both-- and the name fit me good... So I just used that name and then I kept the Black, because, you know, Tye Black."

Obviously a lot of talent is emerging from the NY Drill scene right now. What makes you different?

"I got my own sound... I got my own flow... I don't really rap like them. They may be considered like their voice sounds like somebody else's voice sometimes, but as far as my style of rap, the way I give punchlines, I feel like I don't rap like nobody else. I got distinctive punchlines... Like I got quotes and certain things where, if you hear it, you know 'Oh yeah that's HIM.' "

Who are some of your favorite artists you have collaborated with?

"I haven't really worked with a lot of people like that. Like, I worked with a few, but... So I would have to say right now, out of the people who I've worked with, MaxxReallyReal."

Is there anyone specific that you want to work with in the future?

"Drake. Drake. Of course Jay Z... You know, that's, like, everybody who's from Brooklyn. But Jay Z is really, like, more fading away. Not talent-wise, but he's been branching off more into other things. Like, he hasn't really been doing music like that, so... I would have to say Drake."

What are your three favorite words?

"My three favorite words? My three favorite words... Wow. That's a good question. I would have to say... 'Really.' [...] Oh yeah, and 'Respectfully.' I mean, you know what's crazy is I got so many bro, like, [...] I say mad stuff a lot. 'Respectfully' is definitely in there, because... I'm not even gonna lie... I didn't make up the word, but I made the word go viral where everybody thinks I made up the word, you heard? Like, I'm not gonna take the credit for making that up, like I didn't start saying that, but when I did the song I made it where everywhere I go people be saying 'Respectfully!'"

What has been your favorite Beechinour video?

"I would have to say the first one ("Feel Like I'm in my Bag" by Bando Black). Just because it was like that... I felt like it was like that video where, like, it made me feel like 'Nah I need this n*gga to do all my shit.'"

What can we expect from Bando Black in the upcoming months?

"More music, more videos... you know I'm just working, man. I feel like as long as I wake up and I'm breathing and I'm healthy, I can work. I haven't had these opportunities before, so now that I got them, I'm taking full advantage."

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