Crashie Woo: A Conversation

How did you start making music?

“I used to go to the stu, I don’t know if you heard of my son Cash Flossy… big rapper in the floss in like 2017… I used to go to the stu with him all the time. So one day we in the stu and he just fell asleep… so I just hopped in the booth and I just start spitting. When he woke up and he heard that shit he was like ‘that shit heat’… and after that I took off. I really took this shit seriously… I used to be around Bobby Shmurda, all them n*ggas, them n*ggas my big bros.”

Where does your name originally come from?

“My name? I didn’t even name myself. My homies named me, this from the streets and that”

Obviously a lot of talent is emerging from the NY Drill scene right now. What makes you different?

“One thing about me bro, everything I do, i’m the best at it. I can do anything you feel me. When I used to be in school and shit… when I played ball, I was nice at it. Everything I do i’m nice at it. I’m an athlete, i’m a gangster. If I put my mind to it I can do it”

Who are some of your favorite artists you have collaborated with?

“Since I came home, my son Scarz, he’s different bro. That’s my little brother tho, every time we go to the stu he’s working. He’s a different rapper from the other flossy rappers, he’s lyrical you feel me… him and spazz [floss] the best n*ggas I ever work with. Rhino flossy… my son rhino, that’s another n*gga i like to collab with.”

Is there anyone specific that you want to work with in the future?

“Me and Sheff g… even before his rap shit I watched this n*gga grow up. He used to be around me and speedy…rip my boy speedy. Me and Sheff g got something on the way, just wait on that. I got bare other shit with n*ggas on the way, my son op, rhino flossy, spazz, me and scars got mixtape about to come out. I got bare tracks bro”

What are your three favorite words?


What can we expect from Crashie Woo in the upcoming months?

“You can except straight fire. I lie to you not bro, if anything I put out is trash bro you don’t even gotta hit me no more… on Crip I got straight heat i’m a different rapper from these others drill rappers cause I really does this, I live it. These other n*ggas rap, they don’t live this shit. On crip bro you come to the flossy, ask any body about Crashie Woo. They tell you he’s nothing to be played with. Everything he’s rapping about he’s done it, he’s rapped it, he’s lived it. On Crip bro i’m only in my 20s bro. Mind you my whole life i’ve done spent my whole life in jail… so this rapping shit i’m a different breed bro… cause these n*ggas they rapping about it, bro i’m living it.”

“I got a next big single called 'Stop It' they all been waiting for that. That’s gonna be the next big one, i lie to you not. When I drop that video its gonna do numbers off rip you feel me”

"Me Tayy Floss and Tdott woo have a song called dance on me, if it wasn't for my manager Rugga and imsopaid, if it wasn't for them two n*ggas, none of this shit would be happening. Gangster. Me and Rhino got a song soon dropping. I got a lot of shit coming out bro."

@Beechinour: “Thank you Crashie, I appreciate the interview, stay safe”

Yea for sure, anytime bro. Gangster. You did your thing with that video I aint gonna lie to you.

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