Like Woo: Vevo Hip-Hop Video of the Week, Black Rob, Coast to Coast Shoots, and More

At first glance, late ‘90s Harlem hip-hop veteran Black Rob and ‘80s French singer-songwriter François Valéry might not seem to have much in common. But a quick dive into their respective discographies will reveal that they've both helped set the stage for two Canarsie MCs that are about to blow: Young Costamado and TDott Woo. In 2000, legendary D.I.T.C. producer Buckwild sampled Valéry’s 1983 single “(Love Is) Joy” to make the beat for Black Rob’s career-defining track “Whoa!,” which peaked at 43 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Fast-forward twenty years to the present, and Valéry’s infectious strings have found their way into yet another New York hit, courtesy of Young Costamado and fellow Flossy rapper TDott Woo. Their new single “Like Woo” has generated serious buzz, receiving radio play on Hot 97. Not to be outdone, the song’s accompanying Beechinour Exclusive video has racked up over 450k views in its first couple weeks and was named third on Vevo’s “Top Hip-Hop Videos of the Week” list.

With "Like Woo" cementing itself as one of the hottest tracks out of Brooklyn right now, Young Costamado and TDott Woo have entered the spotlight and are here to stay. The MCs are two of the most prominent faces of the thriving and growing Brooklyn Drill scene, and their distinctive Canarsie style has brought them an avid fanbase both inside and out of the Floss. In the past two years, both artists have garnered significant public interest and fame: TDott for his energetic and trendsetting dancing in videos, and Costamado for his hard-hitting and dynamic bars on tracks. As both rappers continue to record and drop new sounds, the public eagerly awaits "Kobe & Shaq," an upcoming collaborative project from the electrifying duo. Having put the city on notice with "Like Woo," it's clear that Costamado and TDott are not slowing down anytime soon.

The "Like Woo" video marks a big step forward for Beechinour Exclusive, in terms of both public recognition and production value. Not only did the "Like Woo" video receive acclaim from Vevo, but it also involved the most locations of any Beechinour video to date. Put together during shoots at multiple mansions and street corners in both Los Angeles and New York, "Like Woo" marks the most recent in what is sure to be a long string of successes for Beechinour.

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