Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Spazz Floss has taken a few dubs already with his previous video releases bringing in 100k or more views on Big Body and Viral. After first hearing the song Change Routes I knew that it was gonna be something special. His songs

Canarsie was filled with people on Pop Smoke day. The video begins with a memorial of pop smoke, featuring shots around canarsie. Seaview park was popping with people, and there was a basketball tournament happening. From there we met up with Spazz and Crashie at the pop smoke mural and got some shots. It's safe to say that spazz and Crashie are a dynamic duo who have a unique anthemic sound. Me and DJ BIG SKIPP collaborated creatively, and it was his idea to shoot around Canarsie for the intro with the interview in the background, I brought the idea to life.

The video is nearly at 20k views in its first week, dropped exclusively on Spazz Floss channel. I am happy with the outcome of the video,

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