This was my second time shooting with Bando Black. We first met up at the studio in Williamsburg Brooklyn and shot a scene in front of the Manhattan Skyline, Marley G Thoison was there with us. Then we wet to Brownsville to shoot the rest of this one. Asa of now this video has amassed nearly 100k views, and Bandos energy and dancing combined with the effects really made this video come to life.


After Tayy Floss dropped Demon Time, I knew I needed to shoot a video with him. I messaged him on instagram a while back and we finally got around to shooting this in July. Drill Em had already dropped as a song and I wasn't expecting to shoot it initially but it came together really well. The Lambo in front of the Pop Smoke memorial brought this visual to life and went perfectly with this song. Tayy and his brother pulled up and helped me with editing this to move some shots around in the right places and I believe we mastered this video as a whole. The video will soon hit 100k after only being out for two weeks. More videos with Tayy Floss to come for sure.


The only way to describe shooting this video is movie. Costamado has helped a lot with getting me my first few shoots and has believed in Beechinour videos from the start. We flew out to Cali where we shot some scenes in a golf course with mad golf carts, definitely one of my favorite scenes. We got a couple hotel scenes and then after we got back to NY we shot the scene with the wraith and the Benz you see in the thumbnail, that next day we shot a scene with Black Rob who made the song "Like Woah". From hearing the song and the effort we put into shooting I knew this was going to be special. The song is being played on Hot 97 at the moment. Also cannot forget Tdott killing it too.


It was not my first time shooting with Bando Black, actually my fourth video with him. I knew Beno from seeing him at the studio a couple of times and if you know Beno you know Gino Mondana, we have a special video coming soon. This video is special because of the Manhattan skyline view at night matched with the black and white color grading. The song is also a banger and was a lot of fun to shoot. My boy @shotbycenter was with me as always and he took some fire pictures, check them out on his instagram.


I have to give credit to DJ Big Skipp because he put a lot of thought into this video behind the scenes, he was there for every shot you see in the video. As soon as I saw the snippet of Change Routes on instagram, I knew that this was a crazy song, especially on Pop Smoke day when everyone was outside the mural, he had everyone dancing. I spent a lot of time editing this video going back and forth with DJ Skipp, but we got the job done really well and the mood of the song, video, edit, intro all came together really nicely. I definitely plan on working with both spazz and Crashie in the future, they're obviously a dynamic duo.